Thursday, 26 May 2016

Belmont Stakes 2016 Odds : Who will win Belmont Stakes 2016 Predictions

BELMONT STAKES 2016 : The Belmont stakes 2016 is on June 11th Saturday in this year 2016. It was held on New York's city  at Belmont park at sharp 6:30 pm. Belmont stakes 2016 is the longest race its path of field is 11/2 Miles. On this day many people will come to Belmont park to see the Belmont stakes 2016. People around 85,000 to 95,000  will attend the Belmont park on this day. Last year around 90,000 people were attended for the Belmont stake 2015. See the Belmont Stakes 2016 Odds and Who is the predicted winner for this year's Belmont Stakes

  Belmont Stakes 2016 Odds - Win Prediction:

Last year at Belmont stakes 2015 after 35 years American pharoah horse has won the race and its jockey is victor. Predictors of Belmont stakes 2016 are saying that the chances of winning belmont stakes 2016 was more to American Pharoah. Belmont stakes 2016 all the people for this year are waiting for the race. Many people are very confident that Belmont Stakes 2016 winner will be again american pharoah. The owner of the american pharoah Zayat stables. He had invested around 80,000 $ on his horse. He had kept an experienced trainer for this horse and he is Bob Baffert. Last year Belmont stakes 2015 he is the trainer for american pharoah. This the reason all are thinking that Belmont stakes 2016 winner will be again american pharoah. Last year at Belmont stakes american pharoah has completed the race in 2;26.65 minutes. 

Belmont stakes 2016 prediction
Belmont stakes 2016 prediction

Belmont stakes 2016 horses
Belmont stakes 2016 horses

So, Who Will Win the Belmont Stakes 2016? 

Who ever won the kentucky durby 2016 will be participating in Belmont stakes 2016. On June 11th 2016 Saturday at Belmont park Belmont  stakes 2016 will be held. Belmont stakes 2016 as on Saturday weekend many people will come to watch Belmont stakes 2016.

And American Pharoah is leading the list of Win predictions after Nyquist was pulled off from the race recently.


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